All eyelash photos are actual Lash Riot Clients.

Eyelash services performed by Lisa Magee.

Eyelash Extensions

All photos on this website are actual Lash Riot Clients. Eyelash Services performed by Lisa Magee.

What are eyelash extensions?

Semi permanent eyelash extensions are either synthetic or natural fibers attached to your natural eyelashes. They are individually applied and enhance the natural look of your eye to create additional length, curl, fullness and thickness to your eyelashes. At Lash Riot we use only high quality synthetic lashes adhered with a top of the line glue designed for use on the eyelashes. The health of your eye is always forefront in our mind. 

What do eyelash extensions look and feel like?

When properly applied your extensions will both look and feel 100% natural. They should always be comfortable to wear and never feel heavy. Applied correctly they will enhance the eye while making people wonder what wonderful gene you were born with to have such amazing eyelashes. The need for mascara is gone. You eyelashes will look perfect 24/7.

Does it hurt?

NO! When applied by a properly trained technician it is a completely painless procedure. Most of my clients fall asleep during the application process.

How long do they last?

With proper care  your extensions will last as long as the natural eyelash cycle.  Normally we shed between 1-5 eyelashes a day per eye. The total life span of an individual eyelash is between 90-120 days. Each eyelash is at a different stage in its growth cycle so keep in mind that an eyelash applied today may fall off tomorrow, however due to how completely we apply our lashes it will not change the appearance of fullness to your lashes for a couple of weeks. Regular maintenance is an important part of having eyelash extensions. 

What is required for upkeep of my extensions?

To maintain your look of your lashes touch ups are required generally every 2-3 weeks depending on the lashes you choose. At that appointment we will fill your lashes again to its original look.  While they will still look full it is important to do the touch ups before most of the lashes have been lost. This way you always look your best. If you wait longer and more than half of your extensions have fallen out it may be necessary to schedule more time to complete your look.

What are the advantages of eyelash extensions?

Say goodbye to mascara! No matter what is happening in your life your eyelashes will always look amazing. Whether you are a bride to be worried about tearing up on her wedding day or simply in the course of everyday messy life you no longer have to be concerned about running mascara or the time involved pulling yourself together in the morning. Many women find that due to the way their eyes look with extensions their makeup routine is drastically shorter and less involved. Whether going to work in the morning, out for the night or for that matter when you wake up in the morning your eyes are always picture perfect.

Can I get my eyelashes wet?

Yes! You can shower, swim, sweat and for the most part just forget they are there at all. They do need about 24-48 hours after application for the adhesive to fully cure. They will be dry and you can go about life normally including washing them.  As a matter of fact I will be washing your lashes both before and after your lash service. You will need to avoid hot tub, steam room or sauna, hot yoga, anything that will generate excessive heat around your eyes or prolonged contact (submerged lashes)  with water for about about 24 hours.  The bond will be fully developed after the adhesive polymerizes fully then you are free to go about your life as normal. 

What is involved with the care of my lashes?

As a general rule the less you mess with them the better. There are products such as oil that will break the bond of your extensions. Primary reasons lashes shed prematurely are from pressure while sleeping (if you are a face in the pillow kind of gal), touching or playing with them, your hands always have some oil on them from your skin it can break down the adhesion of the extension or worse rub it off, or using waterproof or long wearing mascara or eyeliner, these products soften the glue and can cause them to fall off in a very short period of time and after only one application.   You will be provided an aftercare instruction sheet when you come to your appointment. There is nothing difficult about the care just a few things to be aware of so they last for you.

How do I prepare to get my extensions?

As a general rule the only preparation is to come to your appointment eye make up and oil free. If you wear waterproof mascara stop wearing it about 48 hours before your appointment. The polymers in waterproof mascara can take some time to leave your lashes. Regular mascara is fine just be sure to thoroughly remove it the night before your appointment. Please don't curl your lashes the day before your appointment allow them to return to their natural shape. It is also necessary to remove your contacts, if you wear them, before your appointment. Contact cases are not provided for you so please make sure they are properly cared for by you. If you wear glasses bring them with you so we can determine the length appropriate to not bump the lashes against your lenses.

What about Botox or Chemical Peels?

Botox and Peels are great. They provides many benefits. As a rule of thumb we want to wait until the Botox is fully integrated, at least 5 days after injections. During the process the Lash Artist will have pressure on your forehead and around your eyes. We want to be sure we don't disturb the injection locations and move the Botox inadvertently. With Chemical peels we need the area around the eye and cheeks to be finished with any peeling process. We want to be sure that the gel pads used on the lower lashes do not remove and skin that in the peeling cycle prematurely.

What is the application process?

When you arrive we will discuss the goals you have for your new look and go over some general health questions. You will lay down face up on a comfortable custom designed lash bed and your eyes will be prepared the application. The preparation includes completely cleaning your lashes and your lower lashes are gently covered using low tack silicone tape with eye pads for protection. It is completely comfortable most clients just take a nap. During the rest of the appointment you just rest comfortably with your eyes closed while we individually apply your lashes to form a seamless invisible bond to your natural lashes. This process lasts anywhere from 1.5 - 3 hours for the initial application and 45 minutes to 75 minutes for your touch ups depending on your desired look.  

Can I tint my eyelashes with extensions?

If you have your eyelashes tinted you can still wear extensions. However afterwards we only tint the bottom lashes not the upper lashes where the extensions are located. It is  not necessary to tint your upper lashes or wear mascara after extensions. I do find that tinting your lower lashes, especially if they are light in color will enhance the completeness of your look. We offer this service and it will be done before your lashes are applied or prior to your fill. We can also tint your eyebrows and give your eye the perfect frame.